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Places like Senior Living Facilities where you have a lot of people living tightly together in the same building or complex can be very difficult to manage a Bed Bug situation in. We do a lot of Quarterly sweeps of these facilities to help manage the bed bug situations. We

Hotels and Bed Bugs in Georgia !

Posted by Garey Clark on  April 20, 2019
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I must be straightforward and say I feel for the Hotels as Bed Bug populations grow. Ok, so they rent a room to some guy from Iowa that has bed bugs at his house and he brings a few with him and drops them off. Until someone sees or notices
Lilly checking for Bed Bugs in Atlanta If you wake up with bites after a trip or visit it is common to wonder if it’s Bed Bugs. Did you notice anything odd while you were there ? Did you see any bugs or excrement ? Could I have brought them
We service Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Athens, Marietta, Hilton Head Areas and we see a lot of people that bring Bed Bugs into their home with used furniture. Bed Bugs infested couch – Atlanta I understand trying to save money on furniture but some deals or even gifts may be your
We are finding a surge in Bed Bug activity in high traffic rentals. Beach or Mountain rentals are having higher numbers of infestation in Georgia. Bed Bugs in Savannah   Bed Bugs in McDonough – Atlanta Area It’s a roll of the dice for these property owners when they rent

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