Bed Bugs in Atlanta, Georgia. Detect with Sensor Bed Bug Dogs ! Thermal Heat Treatments !

I suspect that I have Bed Bugs in the Atlanta Area. What Do I Do ?

Author: Garey Clark
Date:: 1-30-2015
First of all you need to be sure that it is bed bugs. There are other insects that bite. There also are other situations that can simulate a bite. This is a picture of a typical adult bed bug. The little black stain is an excrement mark. Bed Bugs only feed on blood so their excrement is a liquid and soaks into cloth making a “Sharpie Marker” type stain.  
adult bed bug, bedbug on mattress, bed bugs atlanta georgia,
Adult Bed Bug on Mattress in Atlanta Georgia

You should check around the bedding,headboard and mattress seams first. Why ?  Because if you find them there you can stop looking. The First Step is over when you have found live infestation.

bed bugs atlanta, bed bugs couch, bedbugs atlanta,georgia bed bugs
Bed Bug in seams of couch in Atlanta,Georgia

If you don’t see any signals you can at that point continue further or call in a pro.  Try not to disturb the situation if you are planning on calling in a pro. If you are going to tear into it I recommend having some alcohol spray and a ziplock bag nearby. If you run into a nest you want to contain them and kill them immediately. Also save some specimens.
We have recently found a monitoring device with a lure that works very well. This can help with an ongoing monitoring program. The lure is placed inside the station. the lure mimmicks the human skin which attracts bed bugs into the device. The lure according to the manufacturer lasts for 90 days. It can then be replaced to have a constant program. We can give you an estimate based upon the units and amount to be monitored. This device is called Sensci.
Once you have determined you have activity I suggest you call in a pro. Why? 
Because spraying and dusting and fogging can be very dangerous and also ineffective in dealing with Bed Bugs. It actually can make the problem worse.  If you kill 50% of the adults but they spread because they were disturbed have you helped or hurt the situation ?  If they are only in the bedroom lets keep it that way until the treatment is completed.. Below is a picture of an  infested mattress with encasement on it. A pretty bad one.
heavy bed bugs, infested bed bugs atlanta, bed bugs georgia, bedbugs atlanta,
Heavy Bed Bugs Infestation

Thermal Remediation Heat Treatments are the Best Method Available.

If you have a small house or apartment it is better to of course treat the entire unit. For Instance if you have a house that is 1300 sq ft and Bed Bugs are found in a bedroom and the couch area. We would always treat the entire house in this situation. If that same situation occurred in a very large home then sectioning is an option worth considering due to cost differences. Our Truck and Trailer units all have generators installed to produce the power for the Electric Heating Equipment. We bring the correct amount of equipment to the job site and set up outside. We then run a cord from the generator into the residence usually through a window opening and then seal it. The Heaters are placed strategically throughout the area of treatment. The heaters are then turned on and heatup starts. It usually takes about an hour or so to heat the area up to 130 degrees. We stay between 130-135 and hold for 4 hours. High speed fans are introduced to get the heat moving thus entering cracks and cloth. During this heatup time we treat around infested areas with Sprays and Dusts to give us additional protection and some residual. Electric Outlet plates are a common hiding place for bed bugs. Also picture frames close to a host area is a high risk nesting area. At the very end of the treatment while we are putting the beds back together we install encasements on any box springs and mattresses that are going to be kept. Bed Bugs can not endure temperatures above 120 degrees. The adults will die within a few minutes of being introduced to the heat. The eggs however need to heated for at least 1-2 hours to make them unviable. Because of cloth thickness and clothes we found that holding the heat for 4 hours has helped us to not have reinfestation.
Atlanta Bed Bugs,heat treatment atlanta georgia, bedbugs atlanta,detect bed bugs,
Heat Treatment Beds Setup

If you need help with Cimexa – Bed Bugs in the State of Georgia give us a call and we will be glad to help you with information so you can make a good decision about what to do. We are very cautious about treatment until activity has been confirmed. If you use a K-9 Service do not treat without visual confirmation. We have a K-9 service  but do not use it from a sales standpoint. It is a tool that we use to help us locate visible evidence. In large homes it can be a very helpful tool in possible sectioning situations.

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What is the Best Method of Treatment for Bed Bugs in Georgia ?

OK, I know I have Bed Bugs, Now What !

bedbugs atlanta, fecal stains bed bugs,public housing bed bugs atlanta
Bed Bugs and Fecal Stains on Couch in Atlanta,Georgia

I started reading about the problems in the Northeast and it was apparent we were going to get
With The Surge of Bed Bug activity in Georgia a lot of homeowners and consumers do not really understand what it is they are dealing with. Bed Bug have not been around the Atlanta area really until about 7 years ago. That is when the surge began. They were eliminated in the U.S. back in the late 50’s with DDT. They however were never eliminated throughout the world and with so much International travel they were reintroduced up in the Northeast about 16 years ago and have spread all over the U.S. from there.

bed bug on mattress, atlanta georgia, clark pest remedy
Bed Bug in Atlanta,Georgia
Heat bed bugs, atlanta, georgia, clark pest remedy, exterminate bed bugs, treat bed bugs,
6 unit Thermal Remediation Unit.

Our company had been in business since 1989 however we not anyone else had much to do with Bed Bugs for many years. All of a sudden we have a new problem that most Pest Control Operators were not really fine tuned for, You add their amazing resistance to pesticides and travel and we have a problem on our hands.
We started by having training classes to familiarize ourselves with what type of response and action needs to be taken. After some training we started getting a few calls and did about 10-15 jobs using pesticides very thoroughly like the training classes had shown us. Almost every job was a nightmare. I would go back to accounts 4  that supply the power for thedays later and see bed bugs nesting in areas I had just treated. Very frustrating for an operator to see this resistance in the field. At that point I decided I was either going to find a better method or I would back off Bed Bug treatments. I have a longtime friend and Associate (Paul Bello) who is a Entomologist and Researcher. I was discussing my findings with him and he told me about research he had done using heat to kill bed bugs. After much research it was apparent to me this was the way to go. Looking at equipment manufacturers we decided Electric was a better fit than Propane. We were right about that. We first purchased a 4 heater trailer unit. Over time we were very successful with this method and we now have 2 more 6 units trailers and a large 8 unit box truck with 4 crews going all out with bed bug treatments.
These all have generators that provide the power for the heaters. We then run a cord into the residence usually through a window and then seal it. At that point we plug the main line into a large junction box that has multiple plugs like a large computer strip plug. We then place the electric heaters strategically inside the unit and plug them in. After starting the generators we turn the heaters on and the heat slowly rises. During the heat up time we do some additional treatment of common nesting areas and electrical outlet areas. It usually takes about an hour or 2 to get the Heat up. We heat between 130 and 135 degrees. Once we reach temp we hold for about 3-4 hours. A typical treatment takes 5-6 hours. We also use fans to move and swirl the heat around so it enters cracks and cloth much better.
duster exacticide, dust bed bugs, atlanta, georgia, clark pest remedy
Dusting Electric outlet plates.

If you think you may have a Bed Bug Issue first get it evaluated properly. Define what needs to be treated first. Proper Preparations are very important to be successful.

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Bed Bug Dogs and the 20/20 Story. Atlanta,Georgia

The Truth About Bed Bug Dogs and Their Usefulness !

Many of you may have seen the 20/20 story Friday night on Bed Bug Dogs. If you did not see it here is the link.

    I knew this would happen sooner or later. I am actually surprised it took so long. Why do I say that ? Anytime there is a scenario where consumers know little about a subject there will always be someone that will take advantage of this.

Did the Handlers know their dog was giving them a False Positive ?  What Happened Here ?
It is apparent to me from watching the dogs working that the Handler is either not doing his job properly due to laziness, lack of training, or unscrupulous inclination.
Here is the Deal: The Dogs are trained to a particular Scent or Insect.. They discriminate between that stimulus and all others. With Bed Bugs in particular,they are very difficult to work with due to the paranoia of them releasing into the work area.(Very Understandable) Therefore they must be placed in containers or vials.
When they are placed in vials there is a screen covering the top that also is usually taped. When working with these vials the dog is rewarded for responding to these different stimuli. In other words the dogs smells the vial,screen,tape and anything inside the .vial and is rewarded . Most of these dogs are bought from trainers, and the handlers are given very little training on how to properly Calibrate their dog to keep them sharp and on target. For instance I noticed on the video one of the handlers rewarded both dogs for a False Positive Response. How Long has this been going on ? The Dog is saying “Sucker” to his handler. This is a situation where the handler has lost control and the dog is running the show. Is it because of lack of training or because it is financially rewarding ? Maybe a little of both. Was it the trainers fault. Yes ,in a way. He should not have sold the dog without the handler getting the proper training which should include an ongoing system of Exercises that must be done continually for the dog to perform. The Trainer knows the handler will not be successful without ongoing training.Who is monitoring the handler ? Usually the company will purchase a dog which includes some very basic initial handler training. When they leave the training site in most cases the dogs are performing very well. The handlers however with their training do not understand what it takes to have a top performer dog. Are they doing at least 3-4 Calibrations every week mixing in dead bugs,empty vials, tape,other insects etc. ?  Are they providing exercises where the problem is found in hard to get to areas ?  Are they hiding their own problems and their dog is honing in on the handlers scent ? Do they know to rub down areas and try to get a response from their dog in exercises. ?  In too many cases NO.
I started handling dogs to find termites in the 80’s. The company I worked for had their own certification program due to the 1 million dollar insurance policy we had that covered the decision.
We had a quarterly program where trainers would come and visit for a few days. These guys were tough and made sure I did everything I was supposed to do as a handler. If I had skipped a few exercises it would show up quickly and I knew it. Like the trainer says ‘ You may tell me you are doing your exercises but the dog doesn’t lie. They could run some exercises and quickly tell if you have been doing your job. They would not leave until we had any problems straightened out. This made me a much better handler. I can not imagine what would have happened without these visits. Of course the cost of the Trainers doing their recertification every quarter was somewhat expensive. You are talking about an airline ticket, hotel, and food for 2-3 days every quarter.
The 4 dogs that gave false positive responses could be straightened out but it would take 2-3 weeks on intense exercises to accomplish this. This is handler error. But somebody should have caught this long ago.

I also believe that Bed Bug Dogs can be a very helpful tool if used properly. My recommendation is if you are going to use the services of a dog you should require confirmation. If there is confirmation then Certification programs are not important. There are a few Yearly Certification programs which is better than none but are they acceptable ? No not to me they are not. I have seen too many cases where a handler team can be working horribly within a few weeks of certification and now we are going 10-11 more months ? Also if you see the dog go straight to the kitchen and start looking for food that is not a good sign. Don’t worry about voice signals. I control my dog with my voice but I will not induce a response simply with my voice. It also is not important how the dog is rewarded. Every dog is different and food rewards are fine as long as they are Calibrated correctly.

We use the dog every day to help US find Bed Bugs. If the dog alerts I should be able to find some type of evidence in the area. Because Bed Bugs move, sometimes the dog will be smelling the scent of the bug that was there a couple of hours ago and has moved to another area. If my dog responds to an area he is almost always right. But I check the area and if we do not find any evidence we recommend to continue monitoring.
This Lure last for 90 days and is another tool we use to determine where bed bugs are present. We can use this after an initial Sensor Dog Inspection for a continuous quarterly monitoring program.

Bennie the Bed Bug Dog  Atlanta,Georgia Sensor Dogs 

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