Why Are College Students at High Risk for Bed Bugs ? Savannah – Athens -Statesboro – Atlanta – Georgia

College Students tend to move quite often and they also tend to obtain used furniture and clothing. They also usually have a lot of visitors in and out of their living areas. 

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Couch infested in Statesboro,Ga. College Student

We do a lot of work in Dormitories and Student Housing in regards to bed bug infestation. If not detected quickly they can spread throughout a dorm area very easily. Students are constantly in and out of each others rooms and using each others chairs, clothes, etc.

Unfortunately we also do a lot of work at their parents homes when they come home from college and bring bed bugs with them.
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Bed Bug Dog in Athens  inspecting and finding bed bugs.

We use specially trained K9 dogs that can detect live bed bugs even when they are hard to find. Often they are visible and tenants know they are present. Many times people are getting bit but unaware of the source. We do not recommend treating or discarding of furniture or items without some evidence of bed bugs being present. We do large projects where a K9 team can check hundreds of dorm rooms or living quarters and give a report on findings afterwards. 

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Aaron the Bed Bug Dog
Students move furniture and clothing from one location to another many times spreading the problem
K9 Bed Bug Dog Training with handler.
Early Detection is a huge help in keeping it manageable.
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Dog Training Calibration Wheel
If you have a student away at school I would recommend making them put any clothes they bring home straight into the dryer for a 40 minutes heatup. Also don’t bring their suitcase inside without checking very well.
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Bed Post monitoring Devices for Bed Bugs.
We use Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatment process to eliminate Bed Bugs in structures. They have no resistance to temperatures above 118 degrees.
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Bed Setup for Heat Treatment

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