Got Bites ? It’s Not Always Bed Bugs !

Don’t get fixated on Bed Bugs just because you have a few bites. 
It very well could be another insect or some type of reaction.
We get a lot of calls from customers with bites of some type. In many cases it is Mosquitoes, Chiggers, Sand Fleas, Seed Ticks or some other outside type insect.
I did an inspection for a man the other day that was convinced he had bed bugs. He was a Tennis Instructor and wore shorts all day.
When I saw his legs he had at least 50 bitemarks. Before we brought the K9 in, I inspected his beds and couches and found zero evidence. I knew before we brought the dog in he did not have bed bugs. For him to have that many bites he would have seen them long before now. And there would be visual evidence with that many bugs. One or two bugs did not make all of those bites. I asked him if he had been in any wooded areas. He said that he had not.
We inspected and the K9 did not have any responses or interest in any of his belongings. I told him I did not know what made the bites but it was not bed bugs.  He called me the next day and told me he figured it out and I was right. He gives Tennis lessons and his students hit a lot of balls over the fence. He said he forgot about going in the woods with a bucket to retrieve balls. He said he went again today and got smoked by chiggers.
Another common error is misdiagnosing Carpet Beetles for Bed Bugs. There are many unneccessary treatments done in this area.
Below is a Carpet Beetle that a client was told by another company was bed bugs. The treatment estimate was $1800. 
carpet beetles, atlanta, macon, athens, savannah, hilton head,
Carpet Beetle on Box Springs

They don’t really look alike to me. This is a Bed Bug.

What Does Look Like  Bed Bugs ?
Bat Bugs !!!!
When there are Bats Present in a Structure or If there has been Bat Exclusion work done it is common for a homeowner to find bat bugs roaming around. They look very much like bed bugs because bed bugs originated from Bat Bugs. I actually can not visually verify this out in the field without magnification. There are some slight differences however these can easily be misdiagnosed by even professionals in some situations.
bat bug, bed bugs, atlanta, savannah, hilton head, st simons,
Bat Bug VS. Bed Bug

If you need an inspection and/or treatment we suggest you look into Thermal Remediation Heat Treatment. This is the most effective and less intrusive treatment method. It is more of a process than a treatment. The Process generally takes about 5-6 hours. 

And Then “Bed Bug Freedom”
90 day warranty for any Live Bugs Found after Treatment.
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Are Bed Bug Populations Increasing ? Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Hilton Head

If our calls are an indication Bed Bugs are increasing in population rapidly in Georgia and South Carolina !

Many clients are picking them up traveling in Hotels and Resorts.
bed bugs hotel, bed bugs savannah, bed bugs atlanta,bed bugs hilton head,
Bed Bugs on Encasement in Hotel

Many others get them with used Furniture

This is a video of a Leather Recliner we recently treated.

During Heat Up when Temperature reaches 110-112 any bugs start scrambling trying to find a cooler place. Notice the small white dots. Those are eggs. Anyone sitting on this recliner is very likely to have the eggs stick to their clothes and spread them to their home

Visitors to your home that come from an infested environment can easily spread them into your home.
infested mattress atlanta, infested mattress savannah, infested mattress hilton head, infested mattress macon,
Infested Mattress – Bed Bugs Atlanta

These are just some of the high percentage ways you can get infested with bed bugs.  There are many other possibilities but these cover 90% of the infestations we see.

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