Bed Bugs a Major issue around Macon, Georgia !

Bed Bugs Macon
Adult Bed Bug – Macon, Ga.

There are many multi-unit properties where they are spreading quickly. Why ? Is it a result of resistance to pesticides ?

  • Used Clothing
  • Used Furniture
  • Visitors from infested units.
  • Traveling
  • Public Transportation
  • Theatres
  • Visiting an infested home.
  • They will sometimes go unnoticed for weeks or months.
  • We use our Sensor Bed Bug K9 dogs to help determine areas of activity. Here is a recent Video of Lilly finding one bed bug on a bed. They are very efficient and accurate. Makes elimination so much easier when you know what’s going on.

Lilly can find bed bugs accurately and efficiently.

We have had many calls from the Macon Area about bed bugs . There of course is a military base in Warner Robins with a lot of housing in the area. There are several Senior Living facilities that we use our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs for on Quarterly Searches. This helps manage the bed bug activity and allows you to use your budget for surgical strike type treatments.

Bed Bugs Macon
Bed Bug on Carpet – Macon

Many hotels are also experiencing bed bug issues in the area. You should do an inspection of room and have a basic knowledge of what Bed Bugs look like and the evidence of such.

If you have any questions about Bed Bugs and their detection or elimination give us a call at 478- 239-6010

Bed bug sheets athens

Weird Ways People Get Bed Bugs – Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Georgia

I have found some strange ways that people obtain bed bug infestation.

The normal ways we see are 
1. going on trips (Hotels) 
2. and also picking up used furniture.
However there are many ways you can pick them up.
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Bed Bugs on Mattress – Savannah
  I  had one young lady that lived in a small condo by herself. She found 4-5 bed bugs and had been fighting them for a few weeks. Finally she gave up and called us in. I found a few but it was a little odd in that they were nesting more in the den than bedroom. I asked if she traveled – No  I asked if she had brought any used furniture in – No  She had no neighbors with a problem. I then asked if she can think of anything that she had brought in her unit in the last couple of months. When I said that she looked over at a painting on the wall. She said “I just thought about it and you know I bought this painting on Ebay from a man in Canada.”  I went over and took it off the wall and there were 4-5 bed bugs behind it in the frame. There was also a significant amount of excrement behind it.
So she bought an infested oil painting and paid for shipping that started her infestation.
   I have had multiple customers that are convinced they got them from a do-it-yourself moving truck.  You have no idea what was in that truck for the last few weeks.  Commercial Moving Companies are having problems with bed bugs. Furniture Delivery people are now not taking used items back. Even new furniture can be infested if stored with infested items.
Visitors bring them in. Unfortunately you can have people into your house that have infestation at their house. The Bed Bug eggs can be easily spread from one home to another.  We see it all the time. One family member gets them and they spread to other family members homes. This Christmas we fully expect to get some calls a few weeks later where bed bugs have been brought in by visiting family or friends.
bed bugs savannah,bed bugs atlanta,bed bugs statesboro,
Bed Bug Infestation on Encasement – Savannah

I hear people blaming the hotels. But people brought those to the hotel. Until the hotel knows about it all they can do is be proactive.

They can’t inspect every bag and item that is brought in. These extended stay hotels seem to have the worst problems which makes sense. You need to have a general idea of what bed bug infestation looks like and do an inspection when you first get into the room.
If you will check behind the headboard that is a common place we find them in hotels. Look for the Black Excrement (Sharpie Markers) like in the picture above as that is their signals.
If you are having a problem with bed bugs in the Atlanta, Savannah, Macon areas give us a call at 770-957-1915. We have inspectors that will come over and do a free evaluation, If, and only if bed bug evidence is found we will give you an estimate for Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatment. We heat the infested treatment area up to 130-135 degrees. We also use fans to distribute the heat and point it into closets, towards drapes, etc.
Bed Bugs have no resistance to temperatures above 118 degrees. The adults will start dying immediately. The eggs however need to be exposed to the heat for at least 2 hours to make them unviable.
Even fairly heavy infestations can be eliminated in one treatment.
Also we offer a 90 day warranty on our treatments and stand behind them.
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Hotel Bed Setup – Thermal Remediation Heat – Savannah- Atlanta – Macon

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Bed Bugs in Atlanta, Georgia. Detect with Sensor Bed Bug Dogs ! Thermal Heat Treatments !

I suspect that I have Bed Bugs in the Atlanta Area. What Do I Do ?

Author: Garey Clark
Date:: 1-30-2015
First of all you need to be sure that it is bed bugs. There are other insects that bite. There also are other situations that can simulate a bite. This is a picture of a typical adult bed bug. The little black stain is an excrement mark. Bed Bugs only feed on blood so their excrement is a liquid and soaks into cloth making a “Sharpie Marker” type stain.  
adult bed bug, bedbug on mattress, bed bugs atlanta georgia,
Adult Bed Bug on Mattress in Atlanta Georgia

You should check around the bedding,headboard and mattress seams first. Why ?  Because if you find them there you can stop looking. The First Step is over when you have found live infestation.

bed bugs atlanta, bed bugs couch, bedbugs atlanta,georgia bed bugs
Bed Bug in seams of couch in Atlanta,Georgia

If you don’t see any signals you can at that point continue further or call in a pro.  Try not to disturb the situation if you are planning on calling in a pro. If you are going to tear into it I recommend having some alcohol spray and a ziplock bag nearby. If you run into a nest you want to contain them and kill them immediately. Also save some specimens.
We have recently found a monitoring device with a lure that works very well. This can help with an ongoing monitoring program. The lure is placed inside the station. the lure mimmicks the human skin which attracts bed bugs into the device. The lure according to the manufacturer lasts for 90 days. It can then be replaced to have a constant program. We can give you an estimate based upon the units and amount to be monitored. This device is called Sensci.
Once you have determined you have activity I suggest you call in a pro. Why? 
Because spraying and dusting and fogging can be very dangerous and also ineffective in dealing with Bed Bugs. It actually can make the problem worse.  If you kill 50% of the adults but they spread because they were disturbed have you helped or hurt the situation ?  If they are only in the bedroom lets keep it that way until the treatment is completed.. Below is a picture of an  infested mattress with encasement on it. A pretty bad one.
heavy bed bugs, infested bed bugs atlanta, bed bugs georgia, bedbugs atlanta,
Heavy Bed Bugs Infestation

Thermal Remediation Heat Treatments are the Best Method Available.

If you have a small house or apartment it is better to of course treat the entire unit. For Instance if you have a house that is 1300 sq ft and Bed Bugs are found in a bedroom and the couch area. We would always treat the entire house in this situation. If that same situation occurred in a very large home then sectioning is an option worth considering due to cost differences. Our Truck and Trailer units all have generators installed to produce the power for the Electric Heating Equipment. We bring the correct amount of equipment to the job site and set up outside. We then run a cord from the generator into the residence usually through a window opening and then seal it. The Heaters are placed strategically throughout the area of treatment. The heaters are then turned on and heatup starts. It usually takes about an hour or so to heat the area up to 130 degrees. We stay between 130-135 and hold for 4 hours. High speed fans are introduced to get the heat moving thus entering cracks and cloth. During this heatup time we treat around infested areas with Sprays and Dusts to give us additional protection and some residual. Electric Outlet plates are a common hiding place for bed bugs. Also picture frames close to a host area is a high risk nesting area. At the very end of the treatment while we are putting the beds back together we install encasements on any box springs and mattresses that are going to be kept. Bed Bugs can not endure temperatures above 120 degrees. The adults will die within a few minutes of being introduced to the heat. The eggs however need to heated for at least 1-2 hours to make them unviable. Because of cloth thickness and clothes we found that holding the heat for 4 hours has helped us to not have reinfestation.
Atlanta Bed Bugs,heat treatment atlanta georgia, bedbugs atlanta,detect bed bugs,
Heat Treatment Beds Setup

If you need help with Cimexa – Bed Bugs in the State of Georgia give us a call and we will be glad to help you with information so you can make a good decision about what to do. We are very cautious about treatment until activity has been confirmed. If you use a K-9 Service do not treat without visual confirmation. We have a K-9 service  but do not use it from a sales standpoint. It is a tool that we use to help us locate visible evidence. In large homes it can be a very helpful tool in possible sectioning situations.

Call Us Today at 770-957-1915 and we will be glad to discuss bed bugs with you confidentially.

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Treat Before You Heat! New information about bed bug treatments.

bed setup bedbugs savannnah
Bed Setup for Thermal Heat Treatment – Savannah

For pest management professionals battling bed bug infestations, there’s a new protocol in
town. University of Florida researchers havefound applying insecticides before heat treating increases
bed bug mortality. While conventional wisdom says apply insecticidesafter heat treatment because high temperatures will degrade products, a three-month research project sponsored by Bayer found that heat treatments actually enhance insecticidal activity and make pesticides more
readily accessible to bed bugs.
Here’s what the researchers learned:
In most cases, insecticides “worked better after heattreatment than before,” said University of Florida Entomologist Dr. Phil Koehler, who led the study. This was “counterintuitive”
as he thought products would break down “rather than become more active” when exposed to extreme heat.
In the study, Koehler and University of Florida Associate Research Scientist Roberto Pereira treated wood panels with one of four liquid and four dust insecticides, and then heated he panels for eight hours
tat 140°F. The heated panels were then returned to room temperature and bed bugs were placed
on them for a two-hour period. The pests were transferred to a container and their mortality
was monitored at various intervals. The process was repeated four times for each panel.
Koehler said the heat likely drew the liquid insecticide out of the porous surface
 of the unpainted wood, making it more accessible to the insects. Although the liquid dried
when exposed to heat, it left behind a chemical residue sufficient to kill the bed bugs.
Heating “activated the chemical and we got better mortality afterheating,
so there’s a benefit to putting it out before you heat treat as opposed to afterward,” Koehler said.
All liquid and dust productstested in the University of Florida study performed well in terms of
efficacy. Pesticides don’t degrade significantly until temperatures top
300°C/572°F, which is a far cry from the 140°F reached during a typical
bed bug heat treatment. Heat treatment doesn’t change the active
ingredients’ crystalline structure, nor does it affect product volatility,
said Bayer Field Development Representative John Paige. “It results in better bioavailability,” he said.
Treating first also helps prevent new infestations or re-infestation of the account.
As bed bugs move into cooler cracks and crevices to escape rising temperatures,
they come in contact with insecticide applied in those areas, thereby enhancing
control. This helps stop the bed bugs, which are nearly as mobile as cockroaches,
from moving through walls and infesting surrounding apartments or hotel rooms, a
common problem in the industry, according to Koehler.
“Bed bugs, from the standpoint of trying to survive, will move away from hot
spaces and try to get to cool spaces,” heaid. “What you can do is kill them on
their way out of a room and prevent them from spreading to the next unit” by ensuring
they encounter insecticide residues in wall voids, cracks and crevices, etc., when
attempting to find relief from the rising temperatures.
Bayer sponsored the study to address PMPs’ concerns about heat treatment driving
bed bugs into new spaces and to determine whether high temperatures would
destroy pre-heat insecticide applications. “We had to answer that (question) with research,”
Paige said. The University of Florida study showed that in most cases, insecticides “worked
better after heat treatment than before,”Koehler observed. “I think it’s going to
change the way the pest control industry does heat treatments. It’s quite definitive
what people should be doing

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