Sensor Bed Bug Dogs – K9 Can Help You Manage Bed Bugs

Places like Senior Living Facilities where you have a lot of people living tightly together in the same building or complex can be very difficult to manage a Bed Bug situation in. We do a lot of Quarterly sweeps of these facilities to help manage the bed bug situations.

We have numerous clients that when faced with a spreading bed bug problem did not know what to do. With our Sensor Bed Bug Dog inspections we can keep the introduced bed bugs from spreading by finding them quickly and eradicating them.

Sensor bed bug dog
Sensor Bed Bug Dog Checking Bunks at a Camp.

If you are only reactive to complaints you may find yourself with 30-40 units with bed bug infestation. We have seen triple that on a few occasions.

When managing a facility like this,education is also important.

We provide classes for your tenants periodically to teach them how they can keep from bringing them in and how to recognize them if they are.

We also provide Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments for eradication.

The Inspection is the key. Everything feeds off the inspection results. Our dogs can complete many units quickly and accurately. Many clients are nervous at first but after they see the results they keep going with it continuously because they see the benefit. It saves you lots of treatment money and headaches by being efficient.

bed setup bedbugs savannnah

If you manage a place like this give us a call at 770-957-1915. We can help you get your bed bug issues under control.

Hotels and Bed Bugs in Georgia !

I must be straightforward and say I feel for the Hotels as Bed Bug populations grow.

Bed Bugs Hotel Savannah

Ok, so they rent a room to some guy from Iowa that has bed bugs at his house and he brings a few with him and drops them off. Until someone sees or notices something what could the hotel manager do ?

  1. Put encasements on all the mattress and box springs. This disallows access to them and makes them much easier to find at the beginning stages of infestation.
  2. Train Housekeepers to recognize the signals or bugs before the room is rented. (Good Luck !)
  3. Have Sensor Dog sweeps on a regular basis.
  4. Use Thermal Remediation Treatments to immediately solve the issue.
  • If they ignore the issue or don’t have a plan of action then it would be considered bad management.

    You can pick up bed bugs in any hotel. The higher end ones usually are more proactive but not always.

    Bed bugs head in sand

    The best thing you can do is take a small good flashlight with you and do an inspection before you unpack. Familiarize yourself with what Bed Bugs look like and the excrement. Don’t forget the headboard as we find a lot in headboards because of disturbance.

    Bed bugs hotel Macon

    1. Put your suitcase in the bathroom
    2. Put your dirty clothes in a plastic bag and seal. (Bed Bugs are attracted to worn clothes)
    3. Don’t use the dresser for clothes.
    4. Mattress Safe makes a suitcase encasement. (Cool) Keep your suitcase in it except when you are dressing or bathing and seal.

    Just contact management and they should move you. If you have been in the room for some time put your clothes in a dryer and vacuum your suitcase thoroughly. When you get home leave suitcase in garage. Bag clothes and the ones you have on and dry them again. I dry mine daily when I get home from inspections. Strip down in garage and throw them straight in the dryer (Make sure you don’t have any company) Take a shower and you should be good.

    We provide Bed Bug Education classes for Tenants, Management, Staff etc. We also have a couple of training classes on our YouTube channel.

    Education is one of the best weapons you can have.

    Give us a call at 770-957-1915 if you have any questions.

    Have a Fabulous Easter and to our Jewish friends Happy Passover!

    Using K9 Dogs to find Bed Bugs in Georgia and Hilton Head Areas !

    Bed Bug Dog AtlantaLilly checking for Bed Bugs in Atlanta

    If you wake up with bites after a trip or visit it is common to wonder if it’s Bed Bugs. Did you notice anything odd while you were there ? Did you see any bugs or excrement ? Could I have brought them back home ?

    If you did, you most likely didn’t bring many. So, if say you brought 3 bugs and some eggs back. It may take some time for those bugs to find you and the eggs to hatch and become instars. It may be a few weeks before you would notice anything obvious. It also may not be Bed Bugs. We have people go to mountain areas and go hiking through the woods and wake up the next day with bites. There are a lot of insects in the woods that can bite you but it won’t be Bed Bugs there.

    Bed Bugs Hilton HeadBed Bugs Eggs Hilton Head

    Using the Sensor Bed Bug Dogs can help you determine the absence or presence of Bed Bugs !

    Sensor bed Bug Dogs Georgia

    They can find even the smallest amount of live infestation. At that point you will know what is going on.

    If you have activity we can provide a

    Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatment

    Bed bugs heat Macon Heat Treatment Georgia

    We offer a 60 day warranty with Treatments.

    Call 770-957-1915

    Or visit us at


    Be Careful with Used Furniture and Bed Bugs !

    We service Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Athens, Marietta, Hilton Head Areas and we see a lot of people that bring Bed Bugs into their home with used furniture.

    Bed Bugs Couch Atlanta
    Bed Bugs infested couch – Atlanta

    I understand trying to save money on furniture but some deals or even gifts may be your worst nightmare.

    bed bugs headboard savannah
    Bed Bugs infested headboard – Savannah

    I see people every day that were given furniture and then find out that person that donated it has a bed bug issue and now so do you. Or buying it on Facebook Groups, Craigslist, etc. It’s not like 20 years ago when you could buy a recliner at a yard sale and have no chance of it being infested with Bed Bugs. No more of that !

    My wife used to love to go to yard sales and I still have some of it but she works in the office and hears all the stories frm customers that got Bed Bugs from used furniture. So she never goes anymore.

    I deal with a lot of poor people. They are very likely to get used furniture for obvious reasons. They also are the same with used clothing. At least with used clothes you can put them in a dryer for 40 minutes and be okay.

    These furniture rental places are having issues with repo furniture being infested and transporting it in the same trucks they use for delivery of new products. Then many times it is brought back and stored alongside new furniture. Those type of places need to install and build a heat chamber onsite. Then any used could be put in there before it enters the warehouse.. The protocol must be changed in these type environments or trouble follows. It’s a crapshoot with this stuff.

    Bed Bug Skins Savannah
    Bed Bug Shells or Skins

    Unless you know where the furniture has been you should inspect it with a good flashlight and of course know what you are looking for. The picture above is excrement and skins where they commonly shed their outer shell and make a new one. The Black marks are excrement marks and signals activity and nesting.

    bed bugs box springs marietta
    Bed Bugs infested Box Springs – marietta, Georgia

    Sometimes Bed Bugs are not easy to find when there is low population. Our Sensor Bed Bug Dogs are a great tool to use for quick efficient inspections with accurate results.

    bed bug dog macon
    Bed Bug Dog – Abby inspecting a bed in Macon

    If you ever have any questions about Bed Bugs give us a call at 770–957-1915 and we will evaluate your situation.


    I have some bites. Is it Bed Bugs ? How do I find out ?

    We get many calls from people that have some type of skin irritation or bite marks. This can be disturbing waking up with these issues. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to Slow Down and follow the protocol.

    1. Don’t throw furniture or clothing away.
    2. Look for bed bugs or black excrement marks on MattressBed bugs mattress Macon
    seams and Ceiling-Wall area first. Bed Bugs On celing Atlanta, Ga.

    Bed Bugs on Ceiling – Atlanta

    3. Once you have determined their presence if you plan to use a pro please stop tearing the place apart as this may make them spread when they are disturbed.
    4. If you don’t find any evidence then check the bottom of the box springs for the same evidence. Then Headboard, Frame and Nightstands. If there is no evidence please do not start treating.
    5. In this situation I would recommend calling in the Sensor Bed Bug Dogs for an inspection. They can accurately define the absence or presence of Bed Bugs. This can either end your worries or expose a small infestation. If it is a heavy infestation you will always be able to find visible evidence. Bed Bug Instar in Statesboro6. If evidence is found we recommend Thermal Remediation Heat Treatment in most cases. This is electric heaters and fans that are designed and engineered for this type treatment. Built in Generators supply the power for the heaters.
    7. We also use a new Biological Material called Aprehend in some situations. This is a fungi material that is non-toxic to humans but lethal to bed bugs.

    If you are having a possible issue with Bed Bugs give us a call and we can guide you through the proper steps to eliminate these bugs from your home.

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