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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Truck!

Posted by Garey Clark on  May 28, 2012

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Getting ready to head to Minneapolis to pick up our new Heat Treatment Truck for Bed Bugs. This will allow us to do more treatments and do them more efficiently. Clark Pest Remedy can get rid of bed bugs using this equipment. Clark Pest Remedy Atlanta,Georgia

Bed Bug Treatments

Posted by Garey Clark on  April 7, 2012

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If you have a bed bug problem we are finding an increase in calls in the last 2 months. So you are not alone. Apartments are having a lot of problems with them spreading. Be aware not scared!Heat Treatments are turning out to be the most effective method. Bed Bugs

Bed Bug General Service Award

Posted by Garey Clark on  December 21, 2011

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Headline news Bed Bug General Presents First Honorable Service Awards 12/14/2011 The brainchild of Mattress Safe’s and Bed Bug General’ s Andrea Hancock, the awards recognize individuals who donated bed bug products and services to an Atlanta area shelter. Share 6 0 6 Print this Story Save to MyPCT PERRY,

Why Is Heat Treatment Best ?

Posted by Garey Clark on  November 15, 2011

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Why is Bed Bugs Heat Treatment So Much Better than Using Chemicals? Historically, bed bug treatments have primarily used chemicals to reduce and control the pest. Recently, pesticides have shown to be ineffective in managing infestations with single bed bug treatments. An informal survey of pest control operators conducted by

New Handler!

Posted by Garey Clark on  October 16, 2011

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Ben the Bed Bug Dog has a permanent handler! Ben or Bennie as we call him around the office has a new love. Tamara Coulter was a detection dog handler in the military and she and her family just moved down here to Georgia from Kansas. She has had Ben

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  1. Bad bug treatment is simple.that u will provide the service Bed bugs have been known as human parasites for thousands of years Bed Bugs Dallas infestation of human habitats has been on the increase, bed bug bites and related conditions have been on the rise, as we

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