Are Bed Bug Populations Increasing ? Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Hilton Head

If our calls are an indication Bed Bugs are increasing in population rapidly in Georgia and South Carolina !

Many clients are picking them up traveling in Hotels and Resorts.
bed bugs hotel, bed bugs savannah, bed bugs atlanta,bed bugs hilton head,
Bed Bugs on Encasement in Hotel

Many others get them with used Furniture

This is a video of a Leather Recliner we recently treated.

During Heat Up when Temperature reaches 110-112 any bugs start scrambling trying to find a cooler place. Notice the small white dots. Those are eggs. Anyone sitting on this recliner is very likely to have the eggs stick to their clothes and spread them to their home

Visitors to your home that come from an infested environment can easily spread them into your home.
infested mattress atlanta, infested mattress savannah, infested mattress hilton head, infested mattress macon,
Infested Mattress – Bed Bugs Atlanta

These are just some of the high percentage ways you can get infested with bed bugs.  There are many other possibilities but these cover 90% of the infestations we see.

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adult bed bug atlanta

How Bed Bugs Spread Into Your Home ! Atlanta – Savannah – Hilton Head – Macon

Bed Bugs can be brought into your residence by many different ways.

  1. Hotel, Travel
  2. Used Furniture – Bedding, Couches, etc.
  3. Used Clothing
  4. Visitors (That have infestation)
  5. You visiting someone that has infestation.
  6. Camps ,YMCA, 4H, Church, etc
  7. College students bring them home for the weekend.

bed bugs atlanta, bed bugs savannah, bed bugs hilton head, bed bugs macon
Adult Bed Bug – Atlanta

You just can’t go to Yard Sales and bring anything back into your home. You just can’t bring used clothing and furniture into your home when you have no idea where its been. Just keep doing that and you will eventually get bed bugs. They do not come from outside. They are almost always brought into your home. Occasionally we see multi-unit apartments where heavily infested units will cause adjoining units to be infested however that is not usually the case.


Often we can do a visual inspection (No Charge) and determine bed bug activity. When you have a small living area it is recommended to treat the entire unit with our Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatment when activity is found. When looking at larger homes the problem comes up about doing sectional treatments. We can do that but normally we recommend a Sensor Dog Inspection prior to treatment to assure that there is no activity in other areas. Sensor Dogs can find Bed Bugs by using their olfactoral senses. They are trained to respond to only live bugs. They help us by clearing areas that are not infested. Sometimes they help us to simply do the right treatment.
bed bug dogs atlanta, bed bug dogs savannah, bed bug dogs hilton head, bed bug dogs macon, bed bug dogs georgia,
Sensor Dog Found Bed Bugs – Excited.


When bed bugs first came to Atlanta we had training classes using pesticides for extermination of bed bugs. Why not? We were used to killing bugs with pesticides. After doing a few jobs I ran into big time resistance. I was seeing them nest in areas that had been recently treated and it was very frustrating for us. I called some expert entomologist research people and shed my frustrations. They assured me that I was not alone and there was much resistance to pesticides by these insects. One of them – Paul Bello had recently did some research on using heat temperature to remove bed bugs.
I checked on some of the equipment that was available and found the Thermal Remediation process to be quite intriguing but also very expensive.  I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a 4 heater trailer unit. After extensive training we started offering heat treatments in the Atlanta area. In just a few months we were backlogged for 2 weeks. We added a Box Truck and after a year we were backlogged again.  We keep adding equipment and widened our area for treatment to include Macon, Savannah, Hilton Head, St. Simons and the surrounding areas.  We have completed a few thousand treatments and I must tell you this is the best and safest method available. Is it perfect ? No  However very close. We occasionally have an issue but rarely. The hardest jobs for us to be successful is when people have a lot of bugs and a lot of stuff. Our enemy with Heat Treatments is density. Piles of clothes, Thick couches, Clutter  etc. Some preparation is necessary to be successful with treatment. Bed Bugs die at 118 degrees. We treat at 130 – 135 degrees for many hours. Our units are self contained in that we have generators that provide the power for the electric heaters. We simply park close to the structure and run a large cord from the generator into the residence (usually through a window). We then place the heaters strategically in the residence and turn everything on. It generally takes 1 – 1/2 hours to heat the unit to kill temperature (118) We hold the above kill temp for 3-4 hours. The treatment will typically take 5-6 hours total and sometimes longer.
While waiting for heatup we also treat along the inner walls for containment along with dusting electric plates outlet areas.
The last part of the treatment is to place encasements on all of the mattressess and box springs that are present. We send the proper amount and sizes with the technician and they install them at the end of treatment. Encasments are a good tool in elimination of bed bugs. They also help us to monitor the situation properly.
bed bugs heat treatment atlanta, bed bugs heat treatment savannah,bed bugs heat treatment macon, bed bugs heat treatment hilton head, d
Bed Bugs Heat Treatment Bed Setup

If you think you may have Bed Bugs Call us today and get this nightmare over with. 

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Truck
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Can I Get Bed Bugs At An Upscale Resort In A Place Like Hilton Head Or St. Simons ?

The Answer Unfortunately Is Yes !

Bed Bugs can transfer into any property where transient situations are found. They have no preference to rich or poor. However I must say that you no doubt have a better chance at picking them up in a less expensive place merely because of management indifference.
bed bugs hilton head, heat treatment hilton head, kill bed bugs hilton head,exterminate bed bugs hilton head,
Bed Bug Heat Treatment – Hilton Head

bed bugs hilton head, infested mattress bd bugs hilton head,
Infested Mattress – Hilton Head

Most higher end resorts and hotels are going to be more proactive in detection and treatment. This is not always true ! 

A management company should use the Sensor Bed Bug Dogs on a regular basis to uncover infestation as quickly as possible.
bed bug dog hilton head, bed bug dogs hilton head, bed bugs kill hilton head, exterminate bed bugs hilton head,
Bennie the Bed Bug Dog – Hilton Head

You can hire the dog to inspect your home or multiple units at a property. Call 678-873-5785 for pricing.

These dogs are accurate and quick.
Using Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments is the most effective process for remediation.
We raise the temperature in the treatment area to 130-135 degrees for many hours and use fans to simulate a convection oven type atmosphere. By exposing everything to the extreme temperatures all bed bugs are eliminated. Even the eggs. We do not carry any furniture out of the unit. When you do this you are taking a chance of spread. We also do not rely on pesticides ! While we do use some dusts and sprays, these are placed for containment purposes.
Bed Bugs have much resistance to most pesticides on the market today.
You will find Bed Bug Treatments overall to be expensive. Many companies do not even treat for bed bugs. If they do treat, most give no warranty or very little warranty.
bed bugs mattress hilton head, hilton head bed bugs, exterminate bed bugs hilton head,
Bed Bugs – Hilton Head

We give a 90 day warranty and use encasements along with heat treatment. We have been specializing in Bed Bugs for many years and have completed thousands of successful treatments.

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Why Are College Students at High Risk for Bed Bugs ? Savannah – Athens -Statesboro – Atlanta – Georgia

College Students tend to move quite often and they also tend to obtain used furniture and clothing. They also usually have a lot of visitors in and out of their living areas. 

bed bugs statesboro, bed bugs savannah, bed bugs hilton head, bed bugs athens, bed bugs atlanta,
Couch infested in Statesboro,Ga. College Student

We do a lot of work in Dormitories and Student Housing in regards to bed bug infestation. If not detected quickly they can spread throughout a dorm area very easily. Students are constantly in and out of each others rooms and using each others chairs, clothes, etc.

Unfortunately we also do a lot of work at their parents homes when they come home from college and bring bed bugs with them.
bed bug dog atlanta, bed bug dog savannah, bed bug dog statesboro, bed bug dogs georgia,
Bed Bug Dog in Athens  inspecting and finding bed bugs.

We use specially trained K9 dogs that can detect live bed bugs even when they are hard to find. Often they are visible and tenants know they are present. Many times people are getting bit but unaware of the source. We do not recommend treating or discarding of furniture or items without some evidence of bed bugs being present. We do large projects where a K9 team can check hundreds of dorm rooms or living quarters and give a report on findings afterwards. 

Aaron bed bug dog savannah, aaron bed bug dog atlanta, aaron bed bug dog statesboro, aaron bed bug dog clark pest remedy,
Aaron the Bed Bug Dog
Students move furniture and clothing from one location to another many times spreading the problem
K9 Bed Bug Dog Training with handler.
Early Detection is a huge help in keeping it manageable.
bed bug dogs georgia, bed bug dogs savannah, bed bug dogs atlanta, bed bug dogs training georgia,
Dog Training Calibration Wheel
If you have a student away at school I would recommend making them put any clothes they bring home straight into the dryer for a 40 minutes heatup. Also don’t bring their suitcase inside without checking very well.
bed bugs savannah, bed bugs statesboro, bed bugs atlanta, bed bugs athens, bed post monitors bed bugs,
Bed Post monitoring Devices for Bed Bugs.
We use Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatment process to eliminate Bed Bugs in structures. They have no resistance to temperatures above 118 degrees.
bed bug heat treatment atlanta, bed bug heat treatment savannah, bed bug heat treatment hilton head,
Bed Setup for Heat Treatment

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How Do I Know If I Have Bed bugs ?

We service Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Athens, Hilton Head, Brunswick, St. Simons, Statesboro and adjoining areas for Bed Bugs using Thermal Remediation Heat Equipment. Call 770-957-1915

Other than bites, here are some things to look for.

bedbugs mattress, bed bugs hilton head, bed bugs atlanta, bed bugs savannah,
Bed Bug excrement on Mattress – Hilton Head, S.C.

As you see the black excrement marks, this is a signal of fairly heavy activity. Their excrement actually is in an ink type form and sinks into cloth making a permanent mark similar to a Sharpie Marker.

bed bugs boxsprings savannah,bed bugs boxsprings hilton head,bed bugs boxsprings Brunswick,bed bugs boxsprings Atlanta,
Bed Bugs at bottom of Box Springs

As you see from the picture Bed Bugs will infest Box Springs very easily. Actually this is the number 1 place for Bed Bugs and I think it is because they are not disturbed as much there as the mattress is.

infested Box Springs atlanta, infested box springs savannah, infested box springs hilton head,
Infested Box Springs
Where do they hide ?

Don’t overlook Couches and Recliners.
bed bugs couch st. simons, bed bugs couch Savannah,bed bugs couch hilton head,
The problem with Couches is that everyone uses it and they can easily be spread from there.
Recliners are another area that has a lot of places for 
Bed Bugs to hide.
Below is a video of a recliner during heat treatment Scramble. When the temperature start getting up over 100 degrees the bed bugs start moving before they die.
We have Electric Thermal Remediation Heat Equipment that is specially designed for Bed Bugs Extermination.
Bed Bugs have no resistance to temperatures above 118 degrees.
It is more of a process than treatment.
bed bug heat atlanta, bed bug heat hilton head, bed bug heat savannah,
Bed Bug Heat Truck

Here is a typical setup with heater and fans.
bed bugs heat bedroom savannah, bed bugs heat bedroom atlanta, bed bugs heat bedroom hilton head,
Heating Bedroom to 130 -135 degrees.

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Bed Bug Dogs Available in Savannah, Statesboro, St. Simons, Hilton Head for Inspections.

They can find Bed Bugs even when they are inaccessible to visual inspection.

Here is a link to a video of one of the dogs (Aaron) with a GoPro Camera on his back doing a training exercise.
The Dogs enjoy working every day. They can distinguish between bed bugs and other insects very easily.  They know the difference just like we know red and blue. As humans we think in terms of vision because that is our main sense. “You should see what I saw yesterday”. “I saw it that way.” ” See what you can do about it”.
If the dogs could talk they would say “you should have smelled what I smelled yesterday” 
Bennie – Atlanta – Bed Bug Dog
These dogs are like little biological x-ray machines that are portable and have great personalities. They help us to quickly determine which areas are infested and which are not, making remediation much more accurate and thorough.
The dogs are paired with a handler and trained to work daily with their “Best Friend” This handler is responsible for their every whim. Feeding, Grooming, Training constantly, Safety.   But most of all there is a bond that develops that makes the dog want to please their handler. Yes they are rewarded for finding them just as we are rewarded for work. It is like a fun game for the dogs and they are proud of their finds. We have many customers that find them fun to watch. We do many High-Rise, Assisted Living, Hotels where the dogs can inspect a room in just a few minutes with accuracy. Its not uncommon for them to complete 40-60 units a day. Heat is a factor as we must keep the dogs cool.  We are very mindful of the animals safety and living conditions. The handlers always fall in love with their dogs. This is because they watch the dogs perform so well and realize that they are solely working to please them. It is only natural to immensely love them also. It is not uncommon for a dog to follow their handler everywhere they go.
They usually don’t want their handler out of sight. So they tag along everywhere, just being a regular dog when off-duty.
After the K9 does their job we are making notes to help us do a great job of elimination.
We use Thermal Remediation Heat Equipment to eliminate bed bugs. Bed Bugs have no resistance to temperatures above 118 degrees. We use electric equipment (No Propane) and create our own power with installed generators in our trailers or trucks.
It is typical for a Heat Treatment to take 5-7 hours to complete. There is some preparation that needs to take place by the resident.
If you have a bed bug issue or you think you may have a problem and want the K9 service to be sure give us a call at 770-957-1915 and we will get the ball rolling to get you bed bug free and keep it that way. 

email for information or pricing.
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Changes in Lifestyle Can Help To Avoid Bed Bugs ! Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Hilton Head – Athens – Georgia

How Can Changes In Lifestyle Help To Avoid Getting Bed Bugs ?

We do a lot of work in public housing high-rise and apartments. In a residential unattached unit you are not as likely to have a bed bug problem than if you are in an attached high-rise or apartment situation. While anyone can get bed bugs, lower income people that live tightly together in a social setting are more likely to get bugs. 
bed bugs atlanta,bed bugs savannah, bed bugs macon, bed bugs hilton head, bed bugs st. simons,
Adult Bed Bug – Atlanta -Savannah – Macon – Georgia
Lets Look at Why.
  1. Moving infested furniture into a unit
  2. Moving infested furniture out of a unit down halls to dumpster.
  3. Bringing in used furniture.
  4. Bringing in infested clothes.
  5. Visiting infested units.
  6. Having visitors from infested units or elsewhere.
  7. Infested Common Areas can spread to many units.
  8. Travel.
  9. Adjacent infested units creep over into your unit
Bed Bugs highrise atlanta,bed bugs,macon, bed bugs highrise savannah,
Infested Sofa Brought Into Unit – 1 week after move in.

What Steps Can Be Taken To Lessen The Risk Of 

Bed Bug Infestation ?

bed bugs monitors,bed post monitors bed bugs, bed bugs atlanta, bed bugs savannah, bed bugs macon, bed bugs georgia,
Bed Post Monitoring Devices For Bed Bugs.
  1. Property Managers – Do Not Let Tenants Move Furniture In Without Inspection By Trained Personnel.
  2. Use some type of monitoring devices (As Pictured above)
  3. Do Routine Inspections Of All Units. (Important)
  4. Educate your tenants on Bed Bugs. (We Do Free Tenant Classes.)  Try to make sure they are aware of what they look like and how they can obtain them.
  5. When a unit is found to be infested try to curtail any traffic in and out of the unit until treatment is successfully performed.
  6. When a unit is found to be infested DO NOT START THROWING FURNITURE AWAY !
  7. When a unit is found to be infested try to find out about consistent visitors and have their unit inspected.
  8. Do Not Treat Without Visible Evidence of Bed Bugs. ( This includes K-9 responses )
  9. When a unit is suspicious of having Bed Bugs infestation have someone you can trust and rely on.
  10. Do Not Start Spraying Pesticides. (Alcohol and Water mixed 50-50 in a spray bottle works better for live bugs.) But try to not to disturb as much as possible for this can cause them to spread.

We specialize in Bed Bug Detection and Extermination in the AtlantaSavannahMaconAthens MariettaGeorgia and Hilton Head, SC.

heat treatment truck, heat treatment atlanta, heat treatment savannah, heat treatment macon, heat treatment St. Simons, heat treatment hilton head,
Thermal Remediation Truck for Bed Bugs. Can treat up to 5,000 sq ft
Heat Treatment Hotel Georgia, Heat Treatment Hotel Atlanta, Heat Treatment Hotel Savannah,
Bed Setup for Heat Treatment in Savannah, Ga.
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Bed Bugs No Longer Affected By Common Pesticides ! Atlanta – Macon – Savannah – Georgia – 770-957-1915

Click the Link to Read the Story.

Bed Bugs Are No Longer Affected By Commonly Used Pesticides !

    This is why we use Thermal Remediation Electric Heat. I found very quickly the resistance of Bed Bugs to Pesticides. I was so frustrated and was determined to find a more effective way. While Cimexa – Bed Bugs are very resistant to most pesticides they have no resistance to temperatures above 118-120 degrees. By heating the area above those temperatures and gaining exposure to all infested items we can successfully rid the structure of bed bugs.
bed bugs encasement, bed bugs encasement atlanta, bed bugs encasement savannah, bed bugs encasement macon, bed bugs encasement georgia,
Bed Bugs encasement infested – Savannah – Atlanta

The above picture is an especially infested encasement. This goes to show that encasements alone are not the answer. They simply trap any insects inside the encasement but do nothing for the insects outside the encasement. They are however a great tool to use as a safety net for any type of bed bug treatment and are always recommended. Bed Bugs will usually nest close to the host(s). They also love to lay eggs in cloth and rough wood materials. Having items under the bed is not a good idea. Nightstands, Electric outlets, Behind baseboards are common areas for them to nest. Pictures above the bed make good hiding spots also. I find them all the time nesting at the ceiling. Their black dot excrement marks are a dead giveaway.

bed bugs sofa, bed bugs atlanta, bedubgs savannah, bed bugs macon,
Bed Bugs infesting sofa – Savannah – Atlanta – Macon – Hilton Head

If you are having a bed bug problem in Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Hilton Head  Areas give us a call at 770-957-1915. We will inspect and give a free estimate for Thermal Remediation Treatment. We are licensed exterminators with many years of experience with these terrible bugs.

Atlanta   Savannah  Macon Hilton Head

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The Real Health Effects and Cost of Bed Bugs

In Atlanta, Savannah, Macon, Georgia Areas

“In the next decade, every household and business will have experienced bed bugs to some degree. Isn’t it about time that you found out why and what steps you can take to prevent it?”  2009/Denise Donovan

     I remember back in March of 2009, when I went on television and made that statement. The cinematographer peeked out from behind his camera and said, “That’s a pretty bold statement, are you serious?” I replied, “From my lips to God’s ears I wish I were wrong, but unfortunately unless we get information and education out to the masses we are headed for a plague that will be un-stoppable for many years. I also added, I am not pretentious and if I am wrong, I will be more than happy to re-film this, eat my words and apologize to the world”  Unfortunately, it is happening and bed bugs are growing at record speed and affecting more people’s lives.

 Eventually, everyone will know what a bed bug is. They will become as common as an ant, flea, spiders or fly in homes and businesses. People will have firsthand experienced them, have them at work or know a friend, co-worker or family member that may have them. Sadly, any way you look at it, bed bugs are here to stay and will be one of the biggest financial and emotional focuses of this century.

     For close to a decade, I have been writing and posting articles to create awareness and educate people on bed bugs. As I opened up to this morning’s bed bug media and news, I noticed yet another dozen or so posts underscoring the effects of bed bugs. The sad part is that these articles and writings reiterate, [Bed bugs are a just nuisance, making “light” of the real effects of bed bugs and how they are destroying people’s lives both emotionally and financially]. This only goes to show how very important massive public awareness and understanding of bed bugs is warranted!

     People spend hours on the Internet searching for a “quick fix solution” to their problem. In many cases, these people cannot afford the services of a professional. Some live in rental properties where owners blame them, do a quick cover-up or ignore their cries for help. They become desperate for some kind, any kind of relief and out of shear hopelessness, it drives them to do things that are unsafe for their health, or environments. Risk management procedures need to be implemented to reduce the potential of bed bug infestations.

 This can only be done through education!
     The Real Health Effects of Bed Bugs on Society

 Cost of Treatment and Replacement: Starting with the realization that one has bed bugs begins the cost of getting rid of them. Some people, repulsed at the thought of bed bugs, will go to extremes and immediately throw away all their furniture and personal belongings with no thought of how they are going to replace them. They just want the bugs gone from their lives! Some purchase new and in time, it too is infested because they didn’t understand that it isn’t always “just the bed” that can house bed bugs.

 The financial outlay for treatment [depending upon the extent of the infestation], can exceed a full month’s salary, which many haven’t the means. This now spirals into uneducated self-treatments. [This usually spreads the bugs further, causing harm to their environment by means of poisons or fire] Are you starting to see the picture here?

 So you “think” that bed bugs are just a nuisance, OK, let me go on…

 Then, depending upon the type of reaction one gets to the bites, add some hefty medical costs. Doctors often assume people have an allergic reaction to something else and treat without knowing it is bed bugs. I spoke to a young college woman who lived with bed bugs for six years who now has permanent scaring. [Not only physically but also emotionally]

 Insane, persistent itching for one diabetic man I spoke to caused open wounds that led to secondary infections that won’t heal. In these cases, depending on a person’s immune system, can lead to hospitalization or long term sensitivity issues as well. I’ve even spoken to those who have serious infestations and were bitten for so long that anemia became an issue. Although extremely rare and dependent upon extent, anaphylaxis can occur for sensitive individuals in which I have only spoken to two.

 Psychological Costs – Now let’s move on to physical/emotional costs. Normal to “not so normal” is more common than you think. I get calls from people who live with a spouse or roommate that verbally spew off “You’re a mental case” to their significant others when they are fearful of bed bugs. Here’s where the intrinsic worth of preventing bed bugs in the first place would have been smart. No likes to be called a “mental” case because of bed bugs. They didn’t cause it, they did nothing wrong, they just wound up with bed bugs. In addition, the person doing the name-calling may not fully understand or be sensitive to the true anguish they are going through, so I created a name to ease the label, mental case. #BedBugAfflictionDisorder
I think that sums it up, an affliction [suffering] of dis-order [condition] of their lives.

 Developing Moderate-To-Severe Negative Emotional Symptoms after Infestations 

The adverse effects on health and quality of life particularly when affordability plays a significant role are growing. The stress alone for some can exacerbate prior disease or physical injury. Many people experience insomnia and nightmares, anxiety, and overall personal dysfunction. People have graphically described their bed bug attacks as a violation like rape. Within time, they are preoccupied with detecting the threat of bed bugs wherever they go. These feelings worsen with time and cause severe depression for some. I’ve spoken to people that have a strong delusional belief that they are infested whereas several professionals including detections dogs have never found anything. A form of psychosis called Delusional Parasitosis.

 Some people distance or isolate themselves altogether physically and emotionally. During the holidays each year, I receive calls from those who had bed bugs or knew of a family member or friend that did and didn’t want them to come over. They feel that any social interaction what so ever brings the possibility of getting them or someone finding out they have them. Embarrassment, shame, and disgust plague their every thought.

 Like the woman who I wrote about in my last post, she lost her coping skills and has developed dysfunctional ways of thinking by compulsive cleaning at all hours of the night and other such obsessive behaviors like constantly changing linens and showering several times a day. She expressed how “dirty” she felt. Post-traumatic stresses, insomnia, obsessive behaviors of all kinds have been reported. In addition, if you already have an emotional illness, [by-polar, depression, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, etc.], bed bugs worsen conditions beyond what they really are.

 There is a known suicide. On the night of her death, she awoke at 3 am and found a drop of blood on her dressing gown. She was convinced the bed bugs had returned and wrote a note stating that she had been depressed since their arrival and would be going to a better world. She also wrote an email to a friend a few minutes before killing herself: “I am panicking now because I just saw a drop of blood on my dressing gown sleeve and I am sure that vampires are back and I cannot stand to live in fear of me being eaten alive… I cannot stand it and I chose to take my life… At the time of writing, I have swallowed a bottle of wine and two hundred pills and I feel nothing, I feel completely empty, it is unbearable…” [authors’ translation]. When she called to notify her employer that she would be absent from work, he picked up on her distress and immediately called 911. The police arrived and found Ms. A on her balcony on the 17th floor. Efforts to dissuade her from jumping were unsuccessful and she died instantly with multiple injuries to the brain, thorax and pelvis as a result of her fall.

 Recently a man murdered his mother over bed bugs.

 Aside from a surplus of emotional disarrangements associated with bed bugs, people abandon their homes or set them on fire. [Not always on accident] I received a call from a man that purposely set his house on fire, collected the insurance, was feeling “guilty”, and needed to confess to someone to clear his conscience, he said.

 With this said, these emotional problems are added to bed bug lawsuits when people are traumatized by bed bugs.

Beyond Nuisance 

 As you can see, bed bugs are so much more than an “annoyance or nuisance” and can turn a person’s life upside down and inside out. So, the next time you read an article saying “bed bugs are a nuisance” you will know that it comes from an uneducated source!

“Bed Bug Education will Never be as Expensive as Bed Bug Ignorance” 

 Keep up with daily bed bug news

 We are always here to help! Murder Self-treatment Fire Suicide Psychological effects of bed bug attacks Delusional Parasitosis 

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 Jul 28, 2015

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