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I Have Bed Bugs. How Did I Get Them ?

Posted by Garey Clark on  October 8, 2016
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Hilton Head – Savannah – St. Simons Call 912-433-3671 Now Serving The Hilton Head, South Carolina Area Infested Mattress – Hilton Head Most people that get bed bugs after doing some investigating can usually determine where they picked them up. These are the most common ways we find. 1.

Got Bites ? It’s Not Always Bed Bugs !

Posted by Garey Clark on  August 29, 2016
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Don’t get fixated on Bed Bugs just because you have a few bites.  It very well could be another insect or some type of reaction. We get a lot of calls from customers with bites of some type. In many cases it is Mosquitoes, Chiggers, Sand Fleas, Seed Ticks or
If our calls are an indication Bed Bugs are increasing in population rapidly in Georgia and South Carolina ! Many clients are picking them up traveling in Hotels and Resorts. Bed Bugs on Encasement in Hotel Many others get them with used Furniture This is a video of a Leather
adult bed bug atlanta
Bed Bugs can be brought into your residence by many different ways. Hotel, Travel Used Furniture – Bedding, Couches, etc. Used Clothing Visitors (That have infestation) You visiting someone that has infestation. Camps ,YMCA, 4H, Church, etc College students bring them home for the weekend. Adult Bed Bug – Atlanta
The Answer Unfortunately Is Yes ! Bed Bugs can transfer into any property where transient situations are found. They have no preference to rich or poor. However I must say that you no doubt have a better chance at picking them up in a less expensive place merely because of

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